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Lone Star Ticks vs. Chiggers

by David Gregg The $5 term for the ticks and mosquitoes, no-see-ums, deer flies, horse flies, and all that literally bug us while we’re enjoying our outdoors pursuits, collectively, is “haematophagous arthropods.” Mites are in the Acari, a sub-class of … Continue reading

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Belugas are Back!

For the second year in a row, several beluga whales have appeared in Narragansett Bay, far from their typical haunts in the Arctic. The sighting of three belugas off Jamestown on May 10, which were spotted again the following day … Continue reading

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Marine Mammals of Rhode Island, Part 8, Harp Seal

by Robert D. Kenney Now where were we? Installment 6 in this series on the marine mammals of Rhode Island was on harbor seals. The next was supposed to be about harp seals to contrast the two species, but the … Continue reading

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Exec’s Blog: Global Warming, Eek!

[I originally published this in January 2008. I thought in honor of today’s low temperatures I’d resurrect it from the back of the blog roll. Enjoy! -DWG] by David W. Gregg, Executive Director, RINHS Today’s Exec’s Blog is about global … Continue reading

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