About the Natural History Survey

phone: 401-874-5800
email: info@rinhs.org
The Survey is a 501(c)(3) Rhode Island non-profit, TIN 05-0478525

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The Natural History Survey has been bringing people together to document and study Rhode Island's animals, plants and natural systems since 1994.


Meet the Rhode Island Natural History Survey Staff.

Directors and Advisors

Our directors and advisors guide and support the Natural History Survey in its mission.

The Rhode Island Natural History Survey connects people knowledgeable about Rhode Island’s animals, plants, and natural systems with each other and with those who can use that knowledge for research, education, and conservation.


For environmental conservation there are fewer resources than ever…but the natural world isn’t getting any less complicated, what with climate change, invasive species, zoonotic diseases, and habitat loss all accelerating.

To be the best environmental stewards we can be—to make effective policies and allocate resources efficiently—we need good science and we need to work together and make the most of our combined knowledge and experience.

To bring together scientists, managers, and the interested public, the Rhode Island Natural History Survey manages data documenting the state’s species and natural communities, publishes books and articles, facilitates science projects that have diverse partners or complex funding, and hosts events, including conferences and the annual Rhode Island BioBlitz.

The Rhode Island Natural History Survey is an independent, member-supported non-profit, not a state agency or a university department. It depends on generous donors for the money it needs to carry out its urgent mission.

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