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Mark D. Gould

Mark D. Gould

Mark D. Gould Memorial Lecture Series

The RINHS Lecture Series on Rhode Island’s Fauna, Flora, Geology, and Ecosystems was begun in 1995, to provide science education to professionals and the Rhode Island public. In 1999, the lecture series was renamed the “Mark D. Gould Memorial Lecture Series on Rhode Island’s Fauna, Flora, Geology, and Ecosystems,” in memory of Mark Gould (1946-1999).

Mark Gould was the Forrest C. Lattner Professor of Environmental Science at Roger Williams University. He earned his doctorate in plant pathology/entomology from the University of Rhode Island and was well known for his work in marine biology, which he integrated to the practical realms of business and environmental policy. He was also interested in freshwater invertebrates as indicators of water quality. He won awards for his teaching. He was a founding board member of RINHS.

Natural History Week

The first week of November is Natural History Week in Rhode Island. Natural history is the discipline we use to learn about the natural world, monitor biodiversity, and manage rare species and threatened natural areas. Natural History Week encourages people to get outdoors and observe animals and plants, learn their names and habits, see what’s happening this season in our great natural areas, and share discoveries with others. The public is encouraged to visit natural history institutions in our state—museums, zoos, aquariums, nature centers, and conservation groups.

What’s planned for Natural History Week this year? Visit the Natural History Week page of our website for event info, special offers, and links to participating organizations.

Lisa Lofland Gould Native Plant Program

The Lisa Lofland Gould Native Plant Program was created to honor Lisa Gould, first Executive Director of RINHS. The program, created jointly with the Rhode Island Wild Plant Society and the URI College of Environmental and Life Sciences is an annual event focusing on native plants, their biology and conservation. Funds for the program come from an endowment created in Lisa’s honor and invested with the Rhode Island Foundation.

A fan of native plants? Of Lisa Lofland Gould? You can support the Gould Native Plant Program by contributing to the Gould Native Plant Program Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation.

Naturalist Skills Workshops

Naturalist Skills Workshops are held irregularly throughout the year and are chances for small groups of beginner and intermediate naturalists to work together with more advanced naturalists to develop their skills with particular groups of organisms. Workshops focus on species identification, field survey tricks and techniques, the relevant literature, and other tools used to find, identify, and curate specimens. The workshops are hands-on and use collections, equipment, and reference literature.