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Where Rhode Island Excels: the Natural History of Rhode Island State Symbols

by Stephen Hale Every state has a list of official state symbols, but Rhode Island is unique in having an official state appetizer. At least seventeen of Rhode Island’s state symbols relate to plants and animals and rocks (see table … Continue reading

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Kiss Your Ash Goodbye…No, Really!

Way back in 2009 I wrote a blog about Emerald Ash Borer at a time when it was becoming clear it would indeed break out of attempted containment areas in the Mid-west and spread across the east. Well, since then … Continue reading

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Digital Herbarium is NOT an Oxymoron

By Keith Killingbeck From the annals of Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show and The Magnificent Carnac, the answer is … KIRI. The question is: What is … a) a genetically engineered fruit from New Zealand similar to the kiwi? b) Google’s … Continue reading

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Unusual RI Wildflower Rediscovered After 160 Years

A rare wildflower native to New England but not seen in Rhode Island since 1846 was discovered May 3 on a protected parcel of land on Block Island by staff of the Rhode Island Natural History Survey. Three plants of … Continue reading

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BioBlitz Registration Now Open

All participants MUST pre-register and be assigned to a team. Registration (NOW OPEN): …with Friday catered dinner and Saturday continental breakfast: $20 RINHS members, $30 non-members …with no meals: $10 RINHS members, $15 non-members …latest in the famous RI BioBlitz … Continue reading

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Swallowwort War Stories

Swallowwort of either species is notoriously hard to eliminate: many have tried, few have succeeded. At a public meeting on the subject on Block Island, it was suggested that an exchange of “war stories” about black swallowwort would be valuable … Continue reading

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Exec’s Blog: Overheard in the Taxonomy Dept…. “Hello? Anyone here?”

One thing that RINHS is here for is to encourage the practice of taxonomy: connect those with taxonomic expertise with those interested in learning and otherwise to facilitate by preserving systematic collections, maintaining a reference library, and organizing and publishing … Continue reading

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Invasive Species Mutual Aid Society

Have you ever blushed when telling someone you want to spend X dollars (where X is some large number) to control an invasive plant because of what it does to salamanders? I mean who ever even sees salamanders anyway. Well, … Continue reading

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Kiss Your Ash Goodbye (Emerald Ash Borer Update)

Attached at the bottom of this message is the text of an email that’s been circulating in invasive species circles, originally from the Maryland Extension Office. For those of you not sure what to make of the update, let me … Continue reading

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Exec’s Blog: A Funny Thing About Water Chestnut…

Okay, there’s not much funny about water chestnut, especially if you’re a swimmer and its seedpod is sticking out of your foot, you’re a fisherman and its just eaten another $5 lure, or you’re a lakeside landowner and your luxurious … Continue reading

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