Blog: Possible plesiosaur in Barrington River

On April 1, scientists from the Natural History Survey traveled to the Barrington River to investigate a possible Plesiosaur sighting. “We’ve wondered why reptiles like diamondback terrapins thrived in 100 Acre Cove but nowhere else…now maybe we know,” said URI herpetologist Jauncy Farakker. If the sighting checks out, it will be the first spotting of the monster affectionately known to the tourists as “Barrie” since 1889 when something large bumped into the America’s Cup defender Columbia as she was being launched from the Herreshoff yard in Bristol. World famous zoologist Blue Karate said he was excited to be working on something larger than a beetle for once and would be issuing a Species Conservation Plan as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more updates!

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