Founders’ Award for Exceptional Service

Sharpe Family
The Sharpe Family (Julie, Henry, Peggy, and Hank), the first recipients of the Founders’ Award

This award acknowledges and celebrates the organization’s heroes: people or other organizations that have made extraordinary contributions—of time, things, money, expertise—that substantially advanced the Survey’s longevity and its mission.

Distinguished and golden-eyed naturalists are critical for meeting the Survey’s mission and are fittingly called out through our other awards. In 2020, however, the board of directors recognized that the Natural History Survey’s success is also due to the hard work and generosity of people who are not likely ever to qualify for one of those awards but nonetheless deserve recognition. Throughout the Survey’s history, and especially around the time of the founding, it relied on volunteer accountants and attorneys, artists and editors. Our way through critical junctures was smoothed by timely introductions to people and organizations. Exceptional donations of money and time made our greatest accomplishments possible. And so we have the Founders’ Award for Exceptional Service.

2020 The Sharpe Family

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