RI Youth Conservation League

The Rhode Island Youth Conservation League (YCL) is an innovative approach to meeting important needs of the local land conservation movement through: 1) greater capacity for stewarding conservation land, 2) sustained, broadened public support for land conservation generally, 3) renewed, strengthened connections between people and nature.

The YCL has been developed, beginning in 2010, by the Rhode Island Natural History Survey, the Rhode Island chapter of The Nature Conservancy, and the Audubon Society of Rhode Island with the hope that it will become a permanent conservation stewardship program for the state. The YCL will:

  • Provide meaningful summer employment for high school aged youth and job experience for those interested in careers in landscaping and environmental management;
  • Provide substantial labor and other inputs towards stewardship needs of conservation land holders;
  • Draw public attention to stewardship needs of conservation land and portray those activities as personally, socially, and economically valuable, making stewardship activities attractive to a public seeking new forms of outdoor recreation and new ways to re-engage with Nature;
  • Broaden community support for land conservation generally.
  • 2017 CREW has not been announced yet…stay tuned

    Do you want to earn money and help the environment? Make friends? Get experience that will improve your future job or college options? Applications for crew positions are coming soon.
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    Download YCL Crew Ad PDF
    Download YCL Crew Application PDF

    If you are in college and interested in careers in environmental management or leadership or, having finished college, you are looking to build leadership experience, consider being a YCL Leader or Assitant Leader. You’ll work closely with environmental professionals to make your crew a success throughout the summer.
    coming soon
    Download YCL Crew Leader Job Ad PDF
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    2016 Schedule:
    stay tuned

    IMGP0348 pshop1In 2015, the crew focused on the urgent land stewardship needs of Audubon Society of Rhode Island and The Nature Conservancy, the Napatree Point Conservation Area in Westerly, and local land trust projects around the state.

    In 2017, tasks will again include trail building and maintenance, invasive plant removal, and habitat restoration. You’ll work hard every day but the time will fly by as you and new-found friends learn new skills and overcome challenges.