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9Seed-collection_Linda-Gardrel-photo_webRhody Native™ depends on volunteers for many of its operations. Volunteers are often present at outreach events, and importantly, help with seed collection, seed cleaning, and plant maintenance.

Volunteers work directly with Rhody Native™ staff; learning plant identification and propagation techniques as they work. They are passionate about growing plants and learning about native plants in Rhode Island.


Volunteers have shared:

  • “The experience has changed the way I look at plants forever. Now I don’t just see a flower and its color, I see a life cycle.”
  • “Now that I look at flowers more closely, I see all of the insects that depend upon them. It has opened up a whole new world for me!”
  • “I never knew Rhode Island had so many beautiful native plants.”
  • “Your program is a really positive way to tackle the problem of invasive species.”
  • “When I go to a garden center and see the plants, which I helped bring into the world, I just want to fill my yard with them.”
  • “Who could imagine, that from a seed the size of a pinhead, a whole shrub could grow”

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