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Rhody Native™ is a native plant initiative of the Rhode Island Natural History Survey (RINHS); in regular collaboration with other organizations, including the URI Outreach Center (URIOC) + the Rhode Island Wild Plant Society (RIWPS). By working directly with local nurseries + garden centers, Rhody Native™ aims to build the state’s capacity to produce genetically diverse + genetically local native plants for landscape design + restoration.


mission |
to preserve the biodiversity of Rhode Island’s native plant communities, wildlife, and pollinators, by facilitating the state’s capacity to produce genetically native plants. Rhody Native™ celebrates Rhode Island’s local identity.


locally sourced | locally grown species selected for:

  • their aesthetics
  • their need in habitat restoration
  • their resilience to climate change
  • and the support they provide for wildlife like migratory birds + pollinators.

history | Rhody Native™ began in 2010, as a part of an ARRA grant (American Recovery + Restoration Act) specifically targeted at forest health management. A portion of the money was put towards building capacity in RI for the production of genetically local native plants. more details