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rinaturalistRINHS published an old-fashioned paper newsletter semi-annually from September 1994 through Summer 2007. From its commencement until December 2002, the newsletter was called RINHewS was typically 20 pages and was printed in black on ivory paper and saddle-stapled. Beginning in May 2003, the newsletter was called Rhode Island Naturalist and it was laid out in a new, “designer” template and printed in black and green, usually running 24 pages, and still saddle-stapled. From Summer 2007 until January 2013, RINHS did not publish any regular series of news or research writings. In January 2013, RINHS reincarnated Rhode Island Naturalist as a regular blog on its website. Articles similar to the research, news, and commentary that used to be collected together into the twice-yearly print newsletter now appear twice monthly under the Rhode Island Naturalist tag. Readers can access them one at a time as they come out or all at once every six months as if they had indeed been put together into a multipage newsletter.

We continue to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a paper newsletter and welcome your thoughts. We also are looking for skilled natural historians to write for the Rhode Island Naturalist blog. If you have thoughts about communication in the web-age or would like contribute a blog, please email Director David Gregg.

PDFs of selected newsletters:

Volume 14 • Number 1• Summer 2007

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Featured Articles:
• Observations on the Colonization of the Invasive Tunicate Didemnum
Phragmites australis: It’s Not All Bad
• A Different Sort of Invader: The Second Manatee to visit Rhode Island
• RINHS Hosts the 31st Annual A.L. Andrews Foray
• Banding Birds at Kingston Wildlife Research Station: The 39-Year Legacy of Douglas Kraus
• Distinguished Naturalist Award
• and Lots More…

Volume 13 • Number 1• Summer 2006

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Featured Articles:
• Northern Harrier Nesting Update by Michael Byrne
• Is Carex kobomugi in Coastal RI a Threat to the Maritime/Beach Dune Community?
• Wandering Hooded Seals by Heather Medic
• Launching a Sea Turtle Disentanglement Program in Rhode Island
• “The Invasives Beat” by Lisa Gould
• URI Marine Animal Sounds in the Macaulay Library’s Marine Collection
• and Lots More…

Volume 12• Number 2• November 2005

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Featured Articles:
• Plant Invasions in Rhode Island Riparian Zones by Suzanne Lussier and S. DaSilva.
• Paleostratigraphy in the Campus Freezer by Robert Kenney
• Wandering Hooded Seals by Heather Medic
• Bringing Watershed Health and Land Use History into the Classroom by Kristen Puryear
• The Paleozoology Collection of the Museum of Natural History,Roger Williams Park by Michael Kieron
• “The Invasives Beat” by Lisa Gould
• BioBlitz 2005 Summary
• and Lots More…

Volume 12• Number 1 • May 2005

Download PDF:2.4MB

Featured Articles:
• The Role of Herbalism in the Loss of Native Plants of the Northeast by Lyn Hayden
• A Preliminary Survey of Cottontails on Narragansett Bay Islands by Numi Mitchell, et. al.
• Surveying Butterflies in Rhode Island by Eugenia Marks
• Notes from Field and Study: Botanical Taxonomy Marches on by Richard Enser
• Ecological Inevtory, Monitoring, and Stewardship Program: 2004 Odonata Atlas Summary by Virginia Brown
• Roger D. Goos, 2005 RINHS Distinguished Naturalist by Keith Killingbeck
• Elmer A. Palmatier, 2005 RINHS Posthumous Distinguished Naturalist Award by Keith Killingbeck
• Rhode Island’s Forests, 2005 RINHS Conference by Todd McLeish
• Focus on RI Collections: Edna Lawrence Nature Lab, Rhode Island School of Design by Karen Idoine
• The Invasives Beat: What’s Here and Where Is It? by Lisa Gould

Volume 11• Number 2 • November 2004

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Featured Articles:
• Estimating Fish Predation by Cormorants in the Narragansett Bay Estuary by Deborah French, et. al.
• Habitat Relationships of Waterfowl Wintering In Narragansett Bay by Rick McKinney
• Freshwater Mussel Collections and Collectors by Jay Cordiero
• Ecological Inevtory, Monitoring, and Stewardship Program news by Virginia Brown
• BioBlitz 2004: Overview of record breaking weekend
• Rhode Island Sea Grant – Science Serving America’s Coasts by Barry Costa-Pierce

Volume 11• Number 1 • May 2004

Download PDF:5MB

Featured Articles:
• Native Bees and Plant Pollination by Howard Ginsberg
• Freshwater Mussels in Rhode Island: Part II. Diversity and Distribution by Jay Cordiero
• Cactus in Rhode Island: A Prickly Question Solved by Richard Enser
• Rhode Island Collections: The Hathaway Library of Bird Egg Collection by Connie Costa
• In Memoriam: George L. Church (1903-2003) by Douglass Morse
• David L. Emerson (1924-2004), 2004 RINHS Distinguished Naturalist by Richard French
• Harold Nelson Gibbs (1886-1970), 2004 RINHS Posthumous Distinguished Naturalist Award by Charlotte Sornborger
• C. Robert Shoop (1935-2003), 2004 RINHS Posthumous Distinguished Naturalist Award by Keith Killingbeck
• Focus On: Block Island Banding Station by Steve Reinert

Volume 10 • Number 2 • November 2003

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Featured Articles:
• Freshwater Mussels in Rhode Island: Part I. Introduction by Jay Cordeiro
• Two Populations Are Better Than One: Attempting to Introduce a Population of the Endangered Sandplain Gerardia by Chris Raithel
• Estimating the Hydroperiod of Seasonal Ponds: Assessing Amphibian Breeding Habitat Suitability by Dennis E. Skidds
• Ecological Inevtory, Monitoring, and Stewardship Program by Virginia Brown
• BioBlitz 2003 Tackles Tiverton
• In Memoriam: Richard L. Champlin (1927-2003)
• Rhode Island Collections: “Just For The Record…” by Marilyn R. Massaro
• Book Review: Bigelow & Schroeder’s Fishes of the Gulf of Maine, 3rd Ed. by Grace Klein-MacPhee

Volume 10 •Number 1 • May 2003

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Featured Articles:
• Vernal Pools: Nature’s Laboratory by Gaytha Langlois
• Conflicts of Interest in the Paper Wasp Polistes dominulus: A European Invasion by Elisabeth Arevalo
• The Decline of the Area 21 Lobster Fishery: Failure Amongst Fishery Management Successes by Mark Gibson
• Cilioprotist Diversity at BioBlitz 2002, Marion Epply Wildlife Sanctuary, West Kingston, RI by Linda A. Hufnagel,
• Amy Salamone, and Lynn Patterson
• Hugh Willoughby, RINHS Distinguished Naturalist, 2003 by Robert Bushnell
• Harry S. Hathaway, Distinguished Naturalist, 2003 Posthumous Award, by Rick Enser

Volume 9 • Number 1 • May 2002

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Featured Articles:
• Narragansett Bay: The World’s Finest Estuary by Perry Jeffries
• Declining Pollinators and Natural Communities by Howard S. Ginsberg
• Earthworms – Our Exotic Friends? by Joseph Gorres
• An Invasive Red Seaweed: Morphology and Recruitment in Rhode Island Waters by Marilyn M. Harlin and Martine Villalard-Bohnsack
• Cilioprotist Diversity at a Bioblitz 2001 Site in Rhode Island by Linda A. Hufnagel
• Morphological Characteristics for Field Identification of Native and Introduced Phragmites australis by Adam M. Lambert
• E. Douglas Rayner, RINHS Distinguished Naturalist, 2001
• Grace Klein-MacPhee, RINHS Distinguished Naturalist, 2002
• Les Sirkin, 1933-2002, RINHS Distinguished Naturalist, 2002 (Posthumous Award)

Volume 8 • Number 2 • December 2001

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Featured Articles:
• Evidence for Seasonal Range Expansion by the Ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi in Northern Coastal Waters of the United States by Barbara K. Sullivan
• Changes in Lobster Populations in Narragansett Bay 1959-2000 by J.S. Cobb and M. Clancy
• Cypruss Spurge Biological Control in Rhode Island by Heather Faubert
• Species Databases and the Bioinformatics Revolution by Stephen S. Hale
• In Memoriam: Irene H. Stuckey, 1911-2001