Books / Newsletter

Among many channels of communication, RINHS disseminates information on Rhode Island’s biota and ecosystems through publications. Books, monographs, and meeting proceedings published by RINHS bring together scientific data of special significance to Rhode Island from leading scholars here and around the country. Publications, both electronic and paper, provide permanent records of topics in Rhode Island’s biota at the time of their publication. They are concrete evidence of the work of their authors, reference works for others, and baselines for comparisons with future studies.

RINHS publishes a regular newsletter, Rhode Island Naturalist, for distribution to members. Rhode Island Naturalist carries longer scientific reports, shorter research notes, articles on the history of natural history in Rhode Island, and news, reviews, and commentary.

  • The Beetle Fauna of Rhode Island, Volume 3 of the Biota of Rhode Island, by Derek S. Sikes (2004)
  • Illustrated Key to the Seaweeds of New England, 2nd Edition, by M. Villalard-Bohnsack (2003)
  • Vascular Flora of Rhode Island: Volume 1 of the Biota of Rhode Island, by L. L. Gould, R. W. Enser, R. L. Champlin, and I. H. Stuckey (1998)
  • Vertebrates of Rhode Island, Volume 2 of the Biota of Rhode Island, by P. V. August, R. W. Enser, and L. L. Gould (2001)
  • The Birds of the Kickemuit and Surrounding Environs in Warren, Rhode Island: A Six-decade Perspective, by R. Bowen and S. E. Reinert (2001)
  • The Ecology of Block Island (Proceedings from the October 2000 RINHS Conference), P. Paton, P. V. August, L. L. Gould, and A. Frost (2002)
  • Foliose and Fruticose Lichens of Rhode Island, by Don Flenniken (2003) [electronic publication distributed on CD]
  • Rhode Island Geology for the Non-geologist, by Alonzo Quinn [reprinted]
  • Rhode Island Wildflowers, by I. H. Stuckey (2000) [reprinted]
  • The Mycota of Rhode Island, Volume 4 of the Biota of Rhode Island, by R. D. Goos (2010)