RINHS, like most small non-profits depends on all types of workers, from volunteers to interns and students, to part-time and contract employees, to full-time (and more than full-time) staff. We try to hire the most technically skilled talent available for each job, but like any small team that trades in part on good relationships with diverse partners, we also have to rate flexibility, self-motivation, and congeniality highly.

RINHS does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation. It is an equal opportunity employer and takes positive steps to recruit disadvantaged applicants.

If we have positions available at any level, you’ll find links here to full job descriptions and application instructions. If you don’t see any links on this page, there’s no current opening. We never turn away unsolicited resumes but if you don’t reference a currently open position, you will not receive an acknowledgment.

plant propagators and assistants
The Rhody Native plant program will be in full production again next year. We’re not exactly sure yet how we’ll staff the project but stay tuned for possible part-time positions.

Youth Conservation League
The YCL program will probably run again in 2017. Stay tuned for announcements about leader, assistant leader, and crew positions.