Checklist of Rhode Island Butterflies

The Rhode Island Natural History Survey (RINHS) has incorporated the latest research on Rhode Island’s butterflies into a new, updated “Checklist of Rhode Island Butterflies.” The new checklist includes all species of butterflies recorded from Rhode Island and incorporates the latest information on rare sightings and historical records. The list updates a checklist published in 1994 and incorporates numerous advances in butterfly identification and nomenclature as well as new data on Rhode Island sightings. Hard copies of the new list are available free from the Natural History Survey: send a self-addressed stamped envelope to RINHS, P.O. Box 1858, Kingston, RI 02881. The list, formatted for easy home printing, can also be downloaded for free. DOWNLOAD PDF:295K

The checklist includes information on 128 species of butterflies. Species are listed by scientific and common name and entries include information on species’ rarity and conservation status, as well as frequently encountered alternative names. The checklist folds neatly to pocket size or it can be tucked into a field guide to help with identifications by narrowing the choice of possible species. The checklist includes space for field notes.

The checklist was prepared by lepidopterist and long-time RINHS supporter Harry Pavulaan and RINHS Executive Director David Gregg. Pavulaan has performed the most comprehensive research on the identification, biology, and history of Rhode Island butterflies. He is the author of numerous scholarly and popular articles, technical papers, and web projects on butterflies and moths of North America. Check out a monumental online guide Pavulaan helped found, Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA). Gregg has studied butterflies of coastal southern New England as a hobby for 30 years.