Win a Week on Block Island from RINHS

Red Gate Farm House, Block Is., RI

RINHS is raising money to support our bioblitz, lectures, biodiversity data management, and many other projects and services in the coming year. To encourage people to dig a little deeper, those who give $250 or more to the Natural History Survey during calendar 2013 will be entered in a drawing to have the Red Gate Farm House on Block Island for a week of their choice during September 2014. For more information on RINHS and the Red Gate Farm House, you can download this flyer (PDF:330K)
[ed.note: the PDF is from last year; until we can change it, just imagine all the dates in it are one year later!].

Red Gate Farm House is a restored 1890s farmhouse with a view of New Harbor and not far from town. It features 7 bedrooms (sleeps up to 14) and 5 baths, and a wrap around covered porch. September is quite possibly the most beautiful time to visit Block Island.

Your View of New Harbor

This would be a great opportunity for an extended family gathering, special celebration, or relaxing get-away.

Pool donations with friends to reach the $250 threshold and take everybody to Block Island if you win. (Even if you don’t you’ll have the makings of a great bioblitz team!)

RINHS, PO Box 1858, Kingston, RI 02881

Whether you win the drawing or not, you’ll be a major contributor to the Natural History Survey’s work in environmental education and science. You will underwrite school kids’ exposure to nature at bioblitz. You will sponsor lectures on environmental issues of the day, such as this year’s series on different ways to measure the benefits of land conservation. You will help gather and disseminate the latest information on rare species and invasive species. You will help RINHS spread the benefits of a natural historical approach and improve environmental management across the state.

This drawing is made possible by a generous member of the RINHS Board of Directors. One entry will be made for each donation of $250 or more or for each person whose cumulative total donations to RINHS in 2012 total at least $250. Donations of $500, $750, $1,000 or more are encouraged but only one entry will be made for each individual donation. If they really wanted to, a shrewd couple or group could each give part of a larger donation and get multiple entries. RINHS staff and board members are not eligible to win. Donations must be received or post-marked by December 31, 2013. The drawing will be held on January 7, 2014. The winner is responsible for any taxes on the value of the prize. If you would like more information or have any questions about Red Gate Farm House or the rules of the drawing, contact RINHS.

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