RI Invasive Species Council

The mission of the Rhode Island Invasive Species Council is to protect native biodiversity in Rhode Island. According to the Executive Order on Invasive Species, “invasive species means an alien species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.” The Rhode Island Invasive Species Council will gather and convey information on the presence, distribution, ecological and economic impacts, and management of invasive species; promote uses of native species and non-invasive alternatives throughout Rhode Island; and work cooperatively with researchers, conservation organizations, government agencies, the green industries, and the general public to identify and manage invasive species pro-actively and effectively.

Overall goals of Rhode Island Invasive Species Council are:

  • to protect native biodiversity;
  • to conduct scientifically based assessment;
  • to promote the use of native and non-invasive non-native alternatives;
  • to manage and control invasives in minimally-managed habitats;
  • to encourage research on control methods;
  • to develop assessment methods for potential invasiveness;
  • to educate the general public;
  • to work cooperatively among all involved parties.

What does the RIISC do?

The Rhode Island Invasive Species Council is an outreach program of the Rhode Island Natural History Survey, The Rhode Island Agricultural Experiment Station, and The University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension.