Invasive Species Portal

Euonymus europaeus (European spindlewood tree)

Invasive species cross-cut many of the things RINHS does, from conservation land stewardship to wetland condition assessments and from biodiversity management to native plant promotion. Many RINHS partners are also working on invasive species issues.

The Invasive Species Portal is intended to organize that diversity of information and connections without reproducing them all. Links here take you to all kinds of web-based resources within and outside of RINHS.

Videos on invasive species created by RINHS and partners are available on the video page of this site or via the RINHS YouTube channel.

Species pages: for identification, to learn about current status, to learn about recommended management techniques
Ask about an unknown organism or report a find in Rhode Island
Research projects involving invasives of concern in Rhode Island
General information and links to other resources

The Rhode Island Invasive Species Council (RIISC) is an informal group that meets periodically to improve communication and coordination among the many people and organizations interested in invasives in Rhode Island. RIISC Home Page