Lecture: Native Plants and Creatures that Love Them (w/ RI Wild Plant Soc.)

One-flowered Cancerroot (Orobanche uniflora)

This event is part of Rhode Island Natural History Week
A lecture by Randi Eckel:
Native Plants & the Creatures That Love Them

Who eats what? Which plants are favored by butterflies (and caterpillars), birds, wildlife and people? Sponsored by the Rhode Island Wild Plant Society. Refreshments and fellowship at 1:30, lecture begins at 2 p.m. Weaver Auditorium, Coastal Institute Kingston, 1 Greenhouse Road, URI Kingston Campus.

Dr. Randi Eckel has been working with native plants for over 30 years, and founded the mail-order native plant nursery Toadshade Wildflower Farm in 1996 to further public awareness and availability of native plants.

A life-long naturalist, lover of nature, and confirmed plant and ecology nerd, Randi specializes in the interactions between plants and other living things. She is known for her lively and engaging lectures and workshops on growing and propagating native plants, and offers interesting, nuanced information on the complex issues facing native plants and native plant communities.

Randi studied at the University of Delaware, the University of Maryland, and earned her Ph.D at North Carolina State University before continuing to research plant and insect interactions through her work at the USDA. She now follows her passion as the owner of Toadshade Wildflower Farm.

There will be a business meeting of RIWPS before the refreshments and a seed sale. See riwps.org for more information.


November 11


2:00 p.m.


Weaver Auditorium, Coastal Institute Kingston, 1 Greenhouse Road, URI Kingston Campus

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