Biota of Rhode Island Checklists

This page offers checklists for Rhode Island taxa. RINHS develops checklists for a variety of purposes: to encourage naturalists to get involved and submit observations, to use in our events such as bioblitz, and as ways to direct people to larger works such as the the Vascular Flora of RI.

These Rhode Island biodiversity checklists were developed over a period of time and may or may not represent the current state of knowledge. Consider them a starting point for each taxon. If you find species not on the checklists, please submit your observation to RINHS so we can improve the lists. Naturalists who demonstrate particular prowess at finding great things may be recognized by our Golden Eye Award.

The vascular flora checklist we use is based on Lisa L. Gould, Richard W. Enser, Richard E. Champlin, and Irene H. Stuckey, 1998, Vascular Flora of Rhode Island: A List of Native and Naturalized Plants, Rhode Island Natural History Survey. It is available from RINHS, $10.00 + tax and S&H.

A species list for vascular plants is available as a rather large excel workbook with species sorted different ways.
Rhode Island vascular plant species list only .xls:3.1MB

You might also be interested in this simpler PDF which lists just the native vascular plants of Rhode Island by Latin genus and includes their English common names and state and federal conservation statuses but nothing else. PDF:1.0MB.

The main reference for vertebrates is Peter V. August, Richard W. Enser, and Lisa L. Gould, 2001, Vertebrates of Rhode Island, Rhode Island Natural History Survey. This volume includes sections on fresh and salt water fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. It is available from RINHS, $18.00 + tax and S&H.

Checklists of some vertebrate taxa, extracted from Vertebrates of RI and with some modifications to make them more fun for BioBlitz, are available for download.

Checklist of Rhode Island Butterflies
Harry Pavulaan and David W. Gregg, 2007, published by RINHS. PDF:300K

Also, to narrow things down further, we use this BioBlitz Butterfly Flight List, provided by Harry Pavuulan. PDF:30K

For beetles we use Derek Sikes, 2004, The Beetle Fauna of Rhode Island: An Annotated Checklist, Rhode Island Natural History Survey. Available from RINHS, $39.95 + tax and S&H