BioBlitz 2017—Johnston

Snake Den Farm, Johnston

Snake Den Farm, Johnston

The 18th annual Rhode Island BioBlitz will be held June 9 and 10 at Snake Den State Park in Johnston, with all Science Central activities located at Snake Den Farm on Brown Ave. The local host is the Northern Rhode Island Conservation District along with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.

This 1,000 acre park, long preserved from development by farmers of the Dame family, is a major natural area close to Providence. The history of human use and conservation means there is an exciting mix of natural communities. There is also an extraordinary topography, with rock outcrops, intermittent streams, fields, and woods. Some people we’ve talked to are openly skeptical that this site has much of biological interest, and there has been some damage in the woods from dirt bikes, but many of these same wags, among our most experienced Rhode Island naturalists, admit they’ve never even BEEN to Snake Den. Everyone agrees it’s largely been skipped over by biological survey projects…until now!

The boundaries of the event, OUT OF BOUNDS areas, Science Central, parking, and other features are noted on the Prelim event map.

The event runs from 3 p.m. Friday, June 9 to 3 p.m. Saturday, June 10. You can arrive any time after 1 p.m. Friday if you have equipment to set up. By special permission for this event only, overnight tent camping will be allowed in areas at the Farm designated for that purpose. Please note on your registration if you are planning to stay overnight. There is a catered picnic dinner Friday (at very reasonable additional cost, payable when you pre-register). We encourage participants to sign up for the dinner and mingle.

All participants are required to be assigned to a team. If you have a taxon that you know you’d like to pursue (birds, plants, spiders, etc), note that on your registration. If you’re new, unsure, or can’t make up your mind, please note your interests as best you can and we will match you with a team that needs help. There’s more on teams at the TEAM PAGE.

How can you participate?
Pre-registration is REQUIRED, no walk-ons. So…
or CONTACT the RINHS office.
Also, when you check in at the site you will be given a copy of the event rules and you must agree to follow them and you will be asked to sign a liability waiver. These three things (registration, rule-following, liability waiver) are conditions for participating in BioBlitz.

A great big thank you to our lead sponsor: Roger Williams Park Zoo
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Thanks also to our other sponsors:
A.F. Lusi Construction
Largess Forestry
Wicked Tulips Flower Farm
Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Division of Agriculture

AFLusi old1These companies and organizations support scientific understanding of Rhode Island’s biology, geology, and ecosystems, encourage the application of scientific information to environmental conservation challenges, and spread scientific understanding of the environment to the next generation. We’re very grateful.