BioBlitz 2013 — Narragansett

Pettaquamscutt Cove from woods of Canonchet Farm

Pettaquamscutt Cove from woods of Canonchet Farm

Rhode Island BioBlitz 2013 was held June 7 and 8, Friday and Saturday, among the forests, swamps, tidal wetlands, and ocean waves of Narragansett, Rhode Island (and a bit of S. Kingstown, too). All together, 210 people participated and located 1,265 species of life. Check out the list:

BioBlitz 2013 Final Results
Summary Table — .xlsx:133K
Full List — .xlsx:15K

Science Central was located at the South County Museum, itself located on historic Canonchet Farm, a property owned by the Town of Narragansett.

The most memorable features of the event were the tropical storm that dumped 4 1/2″ of rain over night, flooding out just about everything, the wonderful film crew brought in by the Coastal Institute at URI to begin creating our BioBlitz movie, and the 37 school kids from Central Falls, Providence, and elsewhere who camped out and learned (if they didn’t know already) that they won’t melt in the rain and a little mud probably won’t kill you.

210 attendees came despite the apocalyptic weather, from all interests, specialties, and skill levels.

There was a non-mandatory bioblitz orientation held Thursday, May 9, 5:30-8:30 p.m., at Roger Williams Park Zoo Education Center. Information on that event.

BioBlitz 2013 Event Map

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IMGP0352Local hosts include:
Town of Narragansett
Friends of Canonchet Farm
South County Museum
Narrow River Preservation Association
Narrow River Land Trust
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Chafee National Wildlife Refuge
Audubon Society of Rhode Island

RWPZ new text onlyChief Sponsor: Roger Williams Park Zoo. Thanks to the Zoo for hosting the orientation, sending legions of staff and interns, coordinating the participating school groups, and underwriting the costs.


Sponsor: Deepwater Wind

Contributors: Wickford Boat Rentals
Lions Club of Narragansett

Thanks, too, to Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management for scientific contributions and assistance with permits.