BioBlitz 2006 — Cumberland

The sixth annual Rhode Island BioBlitz was held on June 9th & 10th at the Cumberland Monastery, 1464 Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland, RI.

Covering more than 500 acres, the property includes large hay fields, abandoned fields, farm ponds, wetlands, a small tributary of the Blackstone River, and a variety of forests. There are areas with high levels of human disturbance, areas where invasive plants pervade, and areas of comparative natural stability. The upland forest and characteristic northern RI soils hosts a different suite of species than found in previous Rhode Island BioBlitzes. BioBlitz 2006 was sponsored by the Town of Cumberland, Cumberland Conservation Commission, Lincoln Land Trust, and Blackstone River Watershed Council with support of Largess Forestry.

Download the species list: Bioblitz 2006 Results PDF:114K

Rain occurred off and on throughout the event, and fell heavily at several points. But the spirits of the participants were not dimmed. Thanks to Matt Largess for leading a tree walk that identified a number of wonderful specimen trees, and for eating poison ivy to show how little allergy he has to it, a display not to be forgotten. Thanks to the local hosts for a lovely cookout even though we had to eat our burgers in the drizzle. Finding and confirming the presence of American larch was a high-light, as was the detection, by lichen leader Doug Greene, of a lichen, rarely reported in North America and then usually on hard-rock mine tailings, that requires zinc-enriched soils. Vezdaea leprosa was located on soil under the galvanized powerline pylons on the north side of the Monastery property.

Scientists and Naturalists with taxonomic expertise form the core of a BioBlitz. However, volunteers of all sorts assisted in the field and with data entry, greeted the public and lent a hand on a myriad of tasks – especially during set-up and break-down. How better to spend time in one of Rhode Island’s beautiful, historic places, than helping to identify and document the state’s amazing biological diversity?

77 Scientists and volunteers participated in Bioblitz 2006:

Betty Allen
Kathy Barton
Bill Betty
Greg Bonynge
Norm Boyer
Dick Bradley
Rebecca Brown
Ginger Brown
Charles Brown
Sophie Brown
Dede Carlsten
Virginia Carter
Elizabeth Carter
Dave Clayton
Alice Clemente
Will Coppola
Greg Datseris
Anne DiMonti
Erik Endrulat
Rick Enser
Frank Geary
Howie Ginsberg
Eli Glickman
Lisa Gould
Doug Greene
David Gregg
Tim Grover
Judy Hadley
Ethel Halsey
Bob Kenney
Michael Kieron
Kathy Lambert
Linda Lapham
Matt Largess
Rey Larsen
Chauncey Leahey
Hope Leeson
Grace Lentini
Kuei Mei Liang
Peter Lozier
Helen Lusi
Sukey Lutman
Luis Malaret
Eugenia Marks
Karen Mateleska
Patty McAlpine
Doug McGrady
Todd McLeish
Joe Metzen
Laura Meyerson
Fred Meyerson
David Newton
Jim Norman
Nancy Nowak
Peter Paton
Ed Pell
Olivia Pell
Heather Perotti
Lou Perrotti
Garry Plunkett
Joe Roumelis
Noel Rowe
Scott Ruhren
Meghan Ruta
Bob Sand
Zach Siener
Hilary Siener
Kira Stillwell
Wendy Taylor
Fran Underwood
Kit VanWagner
Dave Viola
Nick Vivenzio
Anne Wagner
Dan Wagner
Peter Warny
Dania Whitaker