BioBlitz 2005 — Bristol

Our sixth annual bioblitz was held on June 17 and 18, 2005, in Bristol Rhode Island. RINHS, along with partners, Mount Hope Farm and Trust and Brown University’s Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology and Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology hosted this event at Mount Hope, in Bristol, RI. Over 100 scientists, naturlists, and volunteers came out and identified over 972 species.

Photos from the Event:

Download the species list: Bioblitz 2005 Results PDF:234K

Together, Mount Hope Farm and Brown University own more than 500 contiguous acres that include a great range of interesting natural communities and habitats: working farmland, abandoned farmland in a variety of successional stages, mature hardwood forest, wetlands, and bedrock outcrops and upland. The land includes a mile of shoreline on Mount Hope Bay. The area for this BioBlitz was more or less coextensive with the former farm and estate owned during the first half of the 20th century by Rudolf F. Haffenreffer, businessman and brewery owner, and it has many interesting historical associations that will probably be reflected in the flora and fauna. During the Cold War, it housed a radar site for the Nike missile system, under Haffenreffer it was a dairy farm, and before that part of it was a Coney Island-style amusement park. Long ago, it was the home of colonial governors and of Wampanoag leader King Philip, who was killed there in 1676. The site is one of the largest undeveloped tracts in Bristol County, Rhode Island’s most densely populated county. The site faces north across Mt. Hope Bay towards the largest coal-burning power plant in the Northeast and much of the land has not been regularly open to the naturalist community.

102 Scientists and volunteers participated in Bioblitz 2005:

Peter Alden
Peter August
Ashlynn August
James Bejma
Bill Betty
Richard Bradley
Nina Briggs
Ginger Brown
Charlie Brown
Wayne Browning
Dede Carlsten
Dave Clayton
Joanna Coppola
Will Coppola
Paul Daly
Mary Daly
Becky DeAngelo
Al D’Ercole
Christopher Detwiler
Katy Dika
Sean Donohue
Erik Endrulat
Roberta Engel
Rick Enser
Suzanne Enser
Don Flenniken
Erin Fournier
Nancy Freeman
Alex Frost
Jonathan Garber
Miriam Garber
Rip Gerry
Patty Gerry
Summer Gerry
Lisa Gould
Douglas Greene
David Gregg
Teri Gregg
Thomas Gregg
Sam Gregg
Ginny Gregg
Niels Hobbs
Jennifer Hughes
Dan Hunt
Debbie Iniguez
Emily Jones
Abigail Karp
Bob Kenney
Michael Kieron
Keith Killingbeck
Susan Killingbeck
Alana Lapin – Norman
Rudy Lapin – Norman
Linda Lapin
Matt Largess
Rey Larsen
Alan Libby
Ann Lilley
Sarah Lilley
Carol Lukowski
Helen Lusi
Sukey Lutman
Judy McGowan
Douglas McGrady
Todd McLeish
Joe Metzen
Douglass Morse
Jim Farley
John Paul Smith
Rowe Noel
Jim Norman
Nancy Nowak
Steve Orzack
Jay Osenkowski
Cara Osimo
Paul Osimo
Edward Pell
Olivia Pell
John Piazza
Garry Plunkett
David Portelli
Kristen Puryear
Nolan Rabideau
Noel Rowe
Bob Sand
Hillary Siener
Zach Siener
Paul Smith
Kira Stillwell
Deborah StPierre
Bill Stubblefield
Fred Swiderski, Jr.
Michael Szwec
Wendy Taylor
Nicholas Vivenzio
Anne Wagner
Peter Warny
Patricia Werner
Dania Whitaker
Chris Wolston