BioBlitz 2001 — Aquidneck Is.

Bioblitz 2001 was conducted on Aquidneck Island on September 14 – 15, 2001. Locations included Norman Bird Sanctuary, Sachuest Point NWR, Oakland Forest, the Nunes Farm, and Raytheon’s natural areas.

There were 86 participants and 774 taxa were counted.

Download the species list: BioBlitz 2001 Results PDF:45K


Bob Anson
Ellen Bender
Andrea Boudrow
Martin Brown
Valerie Cappola
Dede Carlsten
Bruce Carlsten
Paul Chapman
Pat Chases
Ted Clement
Matthew Coffin
Lauren Conroy
Eileen Conyers
Diane Conyers
James Cowen
Patrick Critz
Sara da Silva
Tara Delderfield
Betsy deLeiris
Rick Enser
Jennifer Frevek
Anne Garnett
Michael M. Gaughan
Callie Gecewicz
Alan Gettman
Eileen Gettman
Howard Ginsberg
Maureen Brown-Ginsberg
Nancy Goodman
Suzannah Gonzales
Lisa Gould
David Gregg
Chris Halstead
Kimberly Hayes
Kendra Heinricher
Frances M. Holmes
Linda Hufnagel
Michael Huguenin
Marc Jaffee
Thomas Jones
Preston Kelly
Keith Killingbeck
Eleanor Kinney
Norma Kline
Mike Kotarba
Melissa Krisak
Matt Largess
Reynold Larsen
Peter Lockwood
Mead Lockwood
Josh Lowe
Jerry Melaragno
Brandon Mann
Jay Manning
Marilyn Massaro
Alan Massey
Pat Massey
Veronica Masson
Numi Mitchell
Glen Mitchell
Eli Mitchell
Kate Mulvaney
Jim Myers
Pat Nickles
Janet Novak
Jill Panos
Joan Pilson
Garry Plunkett
Chris Raithel
Edward Rizy
Arliss Ryan
Bill Saslow
Lisa Shade
Derek Sikes
Oakes Spalding
Jackie Steinback
Prentice Stout
Larry Taft
Chris Thomas
Martine Villalard-Bohnsack
Dianna Ukleja
Anne Wagner
Sharon Ware
Dennis Webster
Emily Whitso

Organizational Participants:
Aquidneck Island Land Trust
Audubon Society of Rhode Island
Brown University–Haffenreffer Museum
Largess Forestry
Lehman College, CUNY
Museum of Natural History at Roger Williams Park
New England Wild Flower Society – Plant Conservation Volunteers
Norman Bird Sanctuary
Northeastern University
Raytheon Employees
Wildlife Habitat Committee
Rhode Island College
RIDEM Division of Fish & Wildlife
RIDEM Division of Water Resources
RIDEM Mosquito Abatement Program
RIDEM Natural Heritage Program
Rhode Island Natural History Survey
Rhode Island Wild Plant Society
Salve Regina University
The Conservation Agency
Town of North Kingstown
University of Connecticut
Roger Williams University
URI Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology, & Molecular Genetics
URI Department of Biological Sciences
URI Department of Natural Resources Sciences
URI Metcalf Institute
US Fish & Wildlife Service
USGS Patuxet Wildlife Research Center

Norman Bird Sanctuary, U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Aquidneck Island Land Trust, Raytheon Employees Wildlife Habitat Committee, and Sodexho Corporation for the food.


BioBlitz 2001, the only RI BioBlitz ever held outside of June, took place three days after the September 11 attacks on the United States. The mood was sober and the night was strange as air traffic was still grounded nationwide. When we think back to BioBlitz 2001 it always makes me think of those who died three days before and of the many, many more who have died in the years since as a consequence of September 11. (by David Gregg, Sept. 2013, attendee in 2001, now RINHS Exec. Dir.)